Activation Instructions
no iLok required
• Omega Model 458a
• Omega Model A
• Omega Model N
• Pusher
iLok 1, 2 or 3
• UBK-1
• Electra DSP
iLok 2 or 3 only
• Clariphonic DSP
• Hammer DSP
• Novatron
  • For demos
  • Copy the 30-digit Demo Code located in the plugin's download page entry
  • FOr subscriptions
  • No license code required! Look for "OG Kush Complete Bundle" in your iLok license manager, activate it, and go make some art!
  • FOr Full Licenses
  • Copy the 30-digit Demo Code from your E-Junkie confirmation e-mail.


1.  With your iLok inserted, launch the iLok License Manager.
2.  Click 'Sign In' and wait for the operation to complete.
3.  Go to the 'Licenses' menu up top and select "Redeem Activation Code".
4.  Paste your 30-digit code into the popup box.
5.  When the License appears, drag it to the desired iLok in the left column.
6.  Download and launch your new Kush Plugin Installer(s).
7.  Feed your Muse!